The Magpie Anthology

Stylised Photoart

With a passion for the outdoors, vintage poster art and the Isle of Wight, Stephanie Mackrill was inspired to create her own stylised images. 

Photoart was launched in 2013 after Stephanie designed the ‘Gurnard’ poster to celebrate her home village and each picture was and still is created using an original photograph and digitally enhanced using professional computer software. Images of the Island are synomymous with Isle of Wight living; beaches, sailing and beachhuts all feature as well as iconic Island views.

Having studied art in Bath and working as a full time professional photographer for 22 years, following the launch of her own business, Stephanie has worked creatively for companies and individuals and globally. Now working from a purpose built studio on the Isle of Wight, Photoart continues to thrive and the aim is to produce at least one exciting new design every year!

To read more about Stephanie and to buy her prints: visit



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