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The Book of Tides

If you are a sailor, a surfer or just a paddler then you’ll love this celebration of Britain’s tides. Beautifully and graphically written and illustrated by William Thompson is a true celebration and understanding of how the waters surrounding us affect our daily lives, how it imperceptibly but crucially shapes our actions, and has shaped our landscape for millenia. It’s for anyone who knows and loves our coast, and who wants to understand, discover, surf, or sail it better.

From a camper van in 2014, William and his pregnant partner Naomi travelled the coast of Britain making new maps of the coastline and charting the tides. The result is a a lyrical, passionate narrative with graphically beautiful renderings of the main forms of water which affect Britain: Rip, Rapids, Swell, Stream, Tide, Wave, Whirlpool, Tsunami.

You can buy The Book of Tides : HERE 


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