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The Business of Creativity: Philiy Page – GIVEAWAY

I can’t tell you how useful this book is. As a writer and therefore a creative person, sometimes I need to sit down and marshal my thoughts as to where I’m going and why and sometimes how. And this book fits that bill completely.

From telling you how to stop writing negative e mails (yes, I have taken all of the maybes, justs and perhaps out of mine), through to pricing yourself and your goods and how to deal with procrastination and Imposter Syndrome, this book is invaluable.

Written by award winning photojournalist Philiy Page, with as she says, ‘no leg up and no family help to open doors for her’, this is not just a practical book but Philiy’s own journey through her career. She tells us how to get our belief in ourselves to a point where we feel confident to create the career we have always wanted and how to turn that career into a sustainable one via negotiation, values, research and becoming an ‘adult’.

Philiy is also the founder of Creative Women International which was set up to support, train and inspire creative women to set up successful careers.

Philiy Page, Creative Women International
Philiy Page

We have a signed copy to give away: go over to our Facebook page here and tell us why you think this book could help you!

You can buy Philiy’s book HERE

Review: Amber Beard

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