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According to some accounts, Ancient Hindu creation myths held that the world began with the help of mythical elephants who were white, could fly and had the power to bring rain.

Prayers to albino elephants pleading for help during times of drought would sometimes refer to the animals by the name of Megha, which means ‘cloud’. Having conducted an extensive analysis of the many thousands of clouds in the shape of things on the Cloud Appreciation Society photo gallery, we can confirm that the animals spotted most frequently by our members are elephants. What does all this mean? We have absolutely no idea.

Elephants in the sky spotted by (from left to right, top to bottom): Anna Veit (Member 46,367) over Santa Rosa, California, US; Fred Ohlerking (Member 41,191) over Yosemite National Park, California, US; Peter Beuret (Member 36,471) over Myrtle Beach, North Carolina, US; Helene Condie (Member 28,830) over Ottawa, Ontario, Canada; Saskia van der Sluis (Member 23,801) over Ameland, Waddenzee, Holland; Lauren Antanaitis (Member 25,124) over Cornelius, North Carolina, US; Graham Blackett (Member 928) over Phuket, Thailand; Sugata Kuila over Havelock Island, Andaman, India; Kate Cooper (Member 27,434) over Dewlish, Dorset, UK.

(This  was one of the Cloud-a-Day emails that are sent out to subscribing members.)


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