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The Secret Lives of Animals

From BAFTA-award-winning artist Greg McLeod and author Liz Marvin comes this quirky illustrated guide to the hidden genius of the animal kingdom, packed full of unexpected facts from some of the cleverest and most fascinating animals on the planet.

The natural world is full of awesome surprises, and the animal kingdom is no exception. As The Secret Lives of Animals reveals, it seems that the more we discover about the unusual species that populate our planet, the more we understand just how ingenious, resourceful and downright creative they can be! Did you know that red pandas are not only incredibly cute, but also master escape artists able to flee their enclosures in high security zoos all over the world with alarming frequency? Or that
beautiful manta rays have not only been observed recognizing their own reflection in mirrors, but are also able to identify friendly divers and ask for their help when they’re in a bit of a jam?

With charming and humorous illustrations, The Secret Lives of Animals is a window into some of the most complex and impressive minds of the animal kingdom, revealing the little-known skills and natural intuition that have allowed them to survive – and often have a little fun along the way.

*Greg McLeod is an illustrator, animator and director. He won an Association of Illustrators Gold Award for his work on BBC comedy animation Sticks. His last short film, Marfa, entirely drawn and animated by Greg, had its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival and was nominated for a BAFTA Film Award for British Short Animation.

You can buy The Secret Lives of Animals HERE

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