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Total-tea Obsessed By Jesse Mackinnon

Everyone has their favourite mug, whether it’s old and stained, brand new or you have many favourites (guilty). It pains me to admit that I’m probably a little mug obsessed but is there anything better than sitting down on cold autumn night, wrapped up with your favourite mug in your hands? Not really.

I wanted to share a few of my favourites for inspiration, whether you’re on the hunt for your next favourite or finding someone else’s!


I’m not one for all matching mugs but Guzzini’s range of classic, white porcelain mugs with art-deco style acrylic handles can slot into any type of kitchen. Their myriad of colours always complement each other so if you want all uniform, graduating colours or a rainbow, this is a great choice! Also if you’re fussy about the thickness of mugs (it’s a thing!), this design is thin at the top but is thicker everywhere else, meaning your drink will stay hotter for longer.

Available at: TROUVA

Yvonne Ellen Alphabet Mugs

Love a monogram? Don’t want black and white? Got ya. Yvonne Ellen’s alphabet mugs not only feature your initial but have an accompanying animal to boot! Colours range from crisp mint green to coral to soft purple, with the designs extending to inside the mug as well. Need more convincing? These are BIG mugs, I’m talking almost a pint! If, like me, you need a big helping hand waking up in the morning, this will sort you out.

Also if you’re not a fan of your own initial or your favourite animal is an elephant, just go for it! I chose mine for the animals before I realised you were supposed to pick your initial. But whilst these designs are gorgeous, the metallic paint makes this cup unsuitable for the dishwasher or microwave. So if you have a tendency to forget your tea and rely on the microwave for a quick zap, this one is perhaps not for you.

Studio Arhoj

Prefer a more rustic or boho chic style? Danish brand Studio Arhoj has a rainbow of colours from pastel to neon and a variety of sizes. Every single piece is hand glazed meaning if you choose one (or several), they will all be unique. My own cup is from their ‘Nip Cup’ collection from their Tokyo series. Supposedly used for sake, which I’m also down for, this little cup is the perfect size for a double espresso or a little herbal tea. This particular design also has no handle which makes it the perfect shape to fit in the cup of your hands. But if you can’t let go of a handle, they also have larger, more traditional mugs available in all their colours as well. But no handle = unlimited possibilities, so you won’t look weird if you put a tea light in it. Available at:

Studio Arhoj

Studio Arhoj NIP CUPS

Home comforts: Neil Tregear

For me, there’s nothing better than finding something you love that supports your local community. Like The Magpie Anthology I’m from the Isle of Wight and one of my favourite local potters is Neil Tregear. Trained in Kyoto, his pottery features white animal silhouettes against a moody, bluey background, much like the winter sea. His work always reminds me of home, no matter how far away from the sea I am when having my cup of tea.


Please comment below about your favourite mug or if you have any suggestions for my new favourite!

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