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World Stone Skimming Championships

Do you think that you might be a stone skimmer of world championship standard? Then read on…

The World Stone Skimming Championships were started in 1983 by Bertie Baker, and then lay fallow until they were resurrected in 1997 by the Easdale Island Community Development Group as a fundraising event. Contestants hail from around the world and the championships now attract over 300 participants and many spectators. Anyone of any age and any level of skill can enter the championships and this year’s competition takes place on Sunday 29th September 2019.

Easdale Island, home to a small but thriving community of stone skimmers, is situated 16 miles south of Oban, Argyll. The island is reached by means of a 5 minute passenger ferry journey across from Ellenabeich on the adjacent Isle of Seil (which is itself connected to the mainland via the famous ‘Bridge over the Atlantic). The ferry is called by pressing the buttons in the ferry shed on the pier at Ellenabeich.

Official Rules of the World Stone Skimming Championships are:

  1. All stones must be of naturally formed Easdale slate and be no more than 3 inches in diameter at its widest point
  2. Each contestant will have 3 skims per session. No person can have more than one session. No person can participate in more than one team
  3. The stone must bounce on the surface of the water no less than 2 times before being considered a valid skim. The length of the skim will be judged to the point where the stone sinks into the water. The longest skim in each category will be deemed the winner. (In the event of a tie see rule 6).
  4. Competitors are not allowed a ‘run-up’ when throwing. Both feet must be on the platform when throwing.
  5. The point judge will signal an invalid skim by showing a Red disk. A Green disk will be shown after a valid skim. The throw judge will record all throws and in all matters, his/her decision will be final.
  6. A skim will be deemed invalid if: a) the stone does not bounce at least 2 times or b) the stone does not sink within the designated area
  7. In the event of a tie for Overall Champion, the winner will be decided in a cumulative, 3-skim ‘Toss-Off’. This is judged by the cumulative distance of their 3 tie-break throws. A ‘Back Wall’ hit will count as 63 metres. In the event of a tie in all other categories, the placings will be decided on a cumulative total of all 3 stones skimmed.

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